The traditional villages are a feature of the general Greek area, with rare aesthetical, urban and historical value.

Several traditional villages in the Aegean area have been characterized as traditional settlements by virtue of Laws since 1978. Many of these villages , where one can purchase a traditional house or villa, are located in the islands of Rhodes, Symi, Kastellorizo, Chalki, Karpathos , Kalymnos , Nisyros, Tilos and other islands of the Aegean. 

The traditional villages are  residential complexes, consisting of  traditional houses and traditional villas , within  a short distance from each other, connected by communal roads  that often lead to  one or more formed squares or open spaces in front of churches.

Traditional settlements are considered the settlements that have preserved the image  and the local character  they had in the past undimmed.

They were structured  within historically created conditions and were developed over the years, sometimes as shelters to protect populations from the scheming of  conquerors or the threat of piracy and sometimes as centres of  local agricultural, farming or artisanal production and trade transactions.

The traditional settlements and the historic centres of cities, are basic elements of the traditional cultural heritage architecture and the physiognomy of Greece and are impressive sights of the country. 

Such areas reflect and express lifestyles, social relationships , technical methods, aesthetic preferences, artistic trends and social relations that were formed within the turbulent historical development. 

The richness and diversity of Greek architectural heritage is highlighted by more than 650 preservable traditional settlements and thousands of preservable buildings and ancient and Byzantine monuments which embellish the Greek countryside, on  the coast or in mountainous areas and also in urban centres.

Several traditional buildings have now gained new uses and accommodate various functions, such as tourist accommodations, museums, exhibitions, restaurants, public and municipal services, etc. At the same time, the historical city centres are revitalised, with the renovation of buildings, pedestrian areas and configurations, being formed into attractive places for residents and visitors. Thus, within the urban web of the most significant Greek cities, traditional settlements are emerging poles with great importance for the study of urban traditional architecture and the development of urban centres of the country throughout the centuries.

Some of the specific stipulations that apply to  the traditional villages, which buyers must take into account when purchasing real estates in traditional villages ,  are:

1. For the granting of any building permit (for erection of new building,  additional building, repair work  etc.), in addition to the requirements according to the relevant general legislation , the submission of at least two photographs of he land plot with the existing buildings and its directly surrounding environment are also requested. 

2. Before  the issuance of a building license for the erection of a new building, repairing , restoration, addition or construction projects or  deposition work , the  approval from the Committee of  Architectural Control is also required. 

3. Within the limits of these settlements , the erection of  houses , buildings of  public utility  and social equipment buildings is permitted. 

4. The   establishment  of artisanship and industrial or other usages of high aggravation is prohibited. For the establishment of any other usage other than residential as regards the position within the settlement, the Approval of the Committee of Architectural Control, is required for the stage of the submission of  the draft of  study .