Permit to purchase in the Aegean islands

Permit to purchase in the Aegean islands


         A special permit is needed for a non resident of the European Union, who wants to purchase a real estate in borderland areas of Greece (according to the Law 1892/1999) , some of which are  the islands of Rhodes,  Kos , Karpathos, Kalymnos, Symi, Kastellorizo, Chalki, Nisyros, Tilos and  the other islands of the Dodecanese, and also the island of Santorini, which belong to the District of South Aegean.

         The permit  regarding the purchase of  real estates in the above mentioned areas is granted by a  new special Committee, seated in Rhodes Greece. The new Committee has been established from 10-02-2015 until the 09-02-2020.

         This permit is granted after the interested buyer’s application and a typical procedure which involves the inspection of the real estate.

         Due to the recent establishment of the Committee in the island of Rhodes, the procedure for the granting of the permit to purchase real estates in these areas, is anticipated to become much quicker and easier. Obviously , this has been stipulated in order to support the purchase of real estates by foreign investors, in a critical period for the reflation of the Greek economy.