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    • Divorce
    • Child Support and Custody
    • Alimony
    • Paternity
    • Property division
    • Settlement Agreements


    Although marriages begin with hopes of a bright future, when a marital relationship becomes unbearable, divorce may be the only answer. Our office assists clients to file for divorce as well as resolve the complex issues that divorce often encompasses.

    Competent Court
    The Greek Courts have jurisdiction for the issuance of divorces in Greece if one of the spouses is a Greek citizen,if the spouses had their last common residency in Greece, or if the defendant in a divorce lawsuit has his permanent residency in Greece.

    Consensual Divorce
    This is the simplest divorse procedure and is followed If both spouses have been married for at least one year and they agree upon getting a divorce.The spouses have to file a common petition before the competent Court. Two court hearings take place for the issuance of the divorce and the interval between the two hearings should be more than six months. During the two hearings the spouses are present with their lawyers or have to be represented by virtues of a recently issued Special Power of Lawyer. If they have minor children, it is necessary a that the spouses submit to the Court a written agreement regarding the custody of the children and the communication with the children.

    Contested Divorce
    If the spouses do not agree to proceed with the issuance of a consensual divorce in Greece, the only solution is to proceed with the issuance of a contested divorce if there is an irretrievable break down of the marriage relationship due to reasons that concern the defendant or both of the spouses.

    Contested No - fault Divorce

    If there is no actual or sentimental relationship between the spouses for at more than two year so there is an irretrievable break down of the marriage due to this reason, or If the other spouse has disappeared for many years and there is a Court Judgment issued recognizing that the specific person is legally considered as not living, the other spouse can file a petition and the Court issues the decree by which the marriage is dissolved, if one of the above conditions is proven.In any case the marriage is dissolved when the Court Judgment becomes final.

    Complex Divorce Issues

    For many couples, whether settling outside of court or going to trial, finalizing divorce requires establishing arrangements for:
    •Parenting Plans (Custody/Visitation)
    •Child support
    •Marital property division
    •Spousal maintenance (alimony)
    If possible, our office works with clients to settle out of court through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution methods.

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